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The origins of Kush are Northern India and Pakistan named after the Kush valleys running along the Hindu Kush mountain range. The seeds were brought back in the 80’s, cross bred then selected for aroma balanced and growth characteristics to create a lovely plant. This plant has sweet spunky aroma with big dark green leaves and can be enjoyed often throughout the day. Good choice for those wanting to try an Indica.

A real outdoor kush plant, can be grown indoor as well but kinda big, sticky buds galore! Kush weed tends to taste very hash like when smoked. Must be tried.


Type : Indica
Harvest : Late September mid October when outdoor
Yield : 90-150g indoor / 325-450g outdoor
Flowering : 41-50 days
Height : 90cm indoor / 145cm outdoor
Sow : Sow when soil warms to 14°C or more or transplant after last frost

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