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At SeedbanK.com we have traveled the world to purchase the finest genetics money can buy. Dutch, Canadian and everything in between. We offer these incredible proven varieties at our lowest price. In addition however, we also have a dedicated team of experienced growers not to mention tokers, who can germinate some of these seeds grow out the plants to maturity, harvest the buds then start the fun of conducting extensive research to determine which plants have the most desired potency, flavor, aroma etc… This process allows us to then select the best mates to produce quality hybrids, crosses and of course new strains.

Note: All SeedbanK.com strains have demonstrated at least a 95% germination rate.


At SeedbanK.com all orders are sent out the same day we receive them. We ship all orders express and can track each shipment so you know they are coming. We have an “order progress report” page that lists which order numbers have been shipped. Finally we accept credit cards so your seeds could be in the mail TODAY!


At SeedbanK.com we believe that everyone should get a little extra in life so we include a free catalog (both hard and soft copy) valuable savings for other products and services you may be interested in and a little souvenir CD with some music games and other cool stuff!


At SeedbanK.com our service is second to none. As stated ALL orders are shipped out the SAME day they come in. If you pay by credit card that means TODAY! All orders are sent express! As previously stated you can check to see when we received your order and if it has been filled, using your unique screen name we post info about your order on our Order Progress Report page. Finally if you have any questions or concerns you can reach us 24/7 via our company contact board.

Out of Stocks:

At SeedbanK.com we do our best to maintain our inventory professionally and accurately. What this means is if we say it is in stock we will have it in stock!
On the rare occasion we get a rash of orders for a particular strain and run out we will send only your chosen replacement or will post on our “Order Progress Report” page that a substitution is required and we will allow you to choose it!





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