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At SeedbanK.com we are a diverse group of Cannabis Lovers who have dedicated themselves to improving both the Quality and Quantity of marijuana world wide. We started out as a bunch of tokers, but quickly became “green thumb” growers experimenting with different strains from around the country. Once our skills in the greenhouse were refined, we soon expanded our gene pool to include Holland, Switzerland, Africa and Jamaica.

The majority of our time is spent tasting, testing, evaluating, and grading various Cannabis strains. All the while working to improve the overall experience each and every smoker achieves.

We strive to produce an array of strains that each offer something a little different then what is currently available. Although some crosses don’t achieve the results one might expect, it sure is fun trying.

In that vein will are always open to suggestions (cross “x” with “y” etc…) and would appreciate it very much if you let us know what you think about our strains and in what context you enjoy certain varieties.

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We are pleased now to be able to offer you the best service, price and variety of Cannabis Strains anywhere! We look forward to serving you both today and in the future.

At SeedbanK.com we truly are BREEDERS TO THE WORLD…

Put your money the bank today, and watch your investments G r o w !





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