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Guru Seeds is a legendary cannabis breeder known for top shelf marijuana seeds, elite cannabis genetics and unique cannabis strains. Breeding high quality cannabis seeds since the early ninety’s, Guru Seeds specialized in original land race cannabis seeds that are used in many of the popular hybrids today.

Some of Guru Seeds contributions to the cannabis community include stabilizing and preserving many parents of the well known cannabis strains around today. Many of the popular kush and indica strains that are popular today owe some part of their lineage to the many potent and vigorous kush marijuana strains.

Part of the Guru Seed vibe lives with us today, as we do our very best to carry on the tradition of curating and cultivating unique cannabis strains. As Seed King grows we commit to supporting the cannabis community by contributing to cannabis research and education, to broaden the awareness and share the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

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