What methods or payment are accepted?

We currently accept the following payment methods:

  • ACH (Free seeds for paying with ACH!)
  • Visa & Mastercard using MESH Payments. (Fee seeds for paying with MESH!)
  • Bitcoin (Free seeds for paying with Bitcoin!)
  • Zelle (Fee seeds for paying with Zelle!)
  • Money Orders
  • Personal Check
  • Cash
  • Canadian customers can pay with INTERAC eTransfer (Email Money Transfers).
Why are Credit Card payments done with MESH?

It is currently very difficult to accept Visa and Mastercard in this industry, so we need to use creative third-party payment processors that accept Visa and Mastercard on our behalf.

** Please Note – You do not need or know anything about or own any Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency to pay using MESH.

** Alternatively, please consider using our Instant ACH or Zelle payment options which are free and easy to use – and you’ll get 3 Feminized Chocolope Seeds for Free!

What name will appear on my credit card or Bank statement?

Your credit card or bank statements will read: Natural Recovery Supplements

** We guarantee that there will be no mention of cannabis, or cannabis seeds on your credit card statement.

Which currency is used to process payments?

Our website will recognize your country location based on your IP address, and will display prices in your local currency.

Why should i order from Seed Bank, Is it safe?

We make every attempt to ensure that your seeds arrive safety and securely.

All orders are shipped discreetly and securely using stealth delivery methods.

Seed Bank has been selling world class cannabis seeds online since 2003. We have thousands of happy customers that return to us year after year as a trusted source for high quality cannabis seeds.


What methods or payment are accepted?

Shipping to the U.S. and Canada generally takes 2 -3 business days from the date your package was shipped.

International: All countries outside of North America can take 10 to15 business days to arrive, with a standard $20 flat rate for shipping.

Australia and New Zealand: We have an excellent track record delivering to Australia & New Zealand, however we will not be responsible for seized merchandise .

Shipping to Australia & New Zealand will generally take 10 – 15 business days to arrive and do not include tracking.

** Please note that during peak growing times and holidays, the number of orders we receive increases drastically. During these times, we cannot guarantee an expedited delivery, but rest assured we are working hard to get your order to you as quickly as possible!

How much is Shipping?

Standard shipping includes discreet packaging with express shipping and tracking.

Shipping is Free on all orders over $75.00

Express shipping to U.S.: $10.00

Express Shipping to Canada is between $12.00 and $15 CAD.

All other International Orders, including Australia & New Zealand: $20.00

Shipping to Australia & New Zealand does not include tracking, but our delivery rate is excellent.

Order Tracking

You will receive an email notification once your order has shipped, it will include a tracking number.

You can also check the status of your package on our TRACKING PAGE

You can view more details on all previous orders in the MY ACCOUNT page.

All of our orders are shipped discreetly with stealth packaging, and are guaranteed to arrive safely.

Where are orders shipped from?

U.S. orders are shipped from California, while Canadian and all International Orders are shipped from Canada.

Why hasn't my order arrived?

If your estimated delivery time has passed and you still have not received your order, then please check your tracking number to locate your package.

You can view all previous orders, and the status of each order in: MY ACCOUNT

If you realize you entered an incorrect mailing address after placing your order, please contact us immediately.

We cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered mailing addresses.

Once your package is marked as “shipped”, we cannot be held responsible missing packages.

If you are concerned that someone has taken your package off your property illegally, please reach out to your local postal service to take further steps.

For more information, please see our Shipping FAQ.

Packaging - What to look for

All of our orders are shipped discreetly and with complete privacy.

Seeds are placed in special packaging to protect them from being crushed, and they are sealed for freshness.

Keep an eye out for a white padded envelope that is about 4″ x 8″ in size.

Laws & Regulations

We ship worldwide and as such it is impossible for us to inform you about the laws and regulations in your country.

It is your responsibility to comply with the laws and regulations in your own country or region.


How fresh are your seeds?

We have an excellent quality control system in place to ensure that we only sell seeds of the highest quality.

We go through a lot of seeds and with that large turnover our stock is replenished often, so you can rest assured our seeds are extremely fresh and viable!

All of our inventory is also checked regularly to ensure our seeds remain above an 80-90% germinate rate.

How long can cannabis seeds be stored for?

Germination rates will naturally decline over time, so if you want to prolong the shelf life of your seeds then store them in the fridge.

Seeds stored in the fridge can last up to a decade, while seeds stored at room temperature will have a much shorter lifespan.

My seeds didn't germinate - what should I do?

If you experience an issue with germination, please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.


When contacting us, please make sure to provide your order number and the specific seed strain that you had issues with.

We will also require the following information:

Please provide an explanation of the germination technique and materials that were used to germinate your seeds.

Please include pictures of the ungerminated seeds whenever possible.

Any reported issues will be reviewed on a case by case basis and we cannot guarantee you will receive replacements.

** We can only assist with germination issues reported within 90 days of the original order being placed.

Should i soak my seeds in water?

We don’t recommend soaking your your seeds in water as every strain reacts differently, and soaking in water too long can encourage the wrong type of taproot to form.

Then, when you place it in soil or rockwool, the water roots that formed can go through stress as they adjust to the new growing medium.

What is the best way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Here is a great tutorial that outlines the steps we would recommend to optimize germination rates.


**** IMPORTANT:**The biggest mistake people make is soaking the paper towels with too much water.

Drain any excess water from the plates and try to keep the paper towel sheets “moist”, in a cool dry place.

It can take anywhere from 1 – 10 days for the taproots to appear so make sure to check it often to avoid the seeds drying out.

What is the best way to store cannabis seeds?The best way to store seeds are in a cool and dry location – temperature and humidity fluctuations are seeds’ worst enemies.

If you want to store your seeds for longer than a year then the best way to store them is in the fridge.

Make sure to clearly label storage bags and jars at the time of storage with strain name, date and any other relevant information.