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Regular cannabis seeds are completely natural cannabis seeds that have not been chemically altered or genetically modified in any way. They are pure, stable genetics, bred from male and female parents and they produce approximately 50/50 male to female ratio.

Most cannabis growers generally want feminized marijuana seeds, while many breeders and some experienced growers may choose to use regular seeds for specific purposes. Regular cannabis seeds offer the same genetics and can often do a better job of retaining the best features and genetics of each parent plant.


One advantage of these regular cannabis seeds is that once the male plants are removed from the grow (usually a quick and easy process) the remaining females will be strong and very stress-resistant. It is very rare, in fact almost unheard of, for true female seeds to start displaying hermaphroditic tendencies, even towards the end of the flowering period.

So if you are looking for marijuana seeds with the most vigor, hybrid cannabis plants grown from regular seeds are usually much more resilient and tough enough to withstand any fluctuations in the growing environment.

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What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular seeds are natural cannabis seeds that have not been chemically treated or genetically altered in any way. Regular seeds are pure, stable seeds made from the crossing of a female (XX) and a male (XY) plant. Their genetic information includes both sexes, and they will display one or the other depending on certain factors. Regular seeds produce an approximately 1:1 ratio of female to male plants. This is how cannabis has been grown for centuries before the advent of modern breeding practices. Anyone who has grown some bag seeds out and received a mix of males and females in the batch knows all about regular seeds.

Why Use Regular Seeds

Most cannabis growers want to work with feminized seeds, while many breeders and some experienced growers may choose to use regular seeds for specific purposes. Regular seeds provide more genetic variation than feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are produced by selecting a preferred female plant phenotype and then chemically altering it to create viable pollen used to pollinate the original female plant. With regular seeds, you will see much more expression of a strain's lineage, and thus you can discover new phenotypes not possible with feminized seeds.

If a limited plant count is not a concern and you are familiar with sexing cannabis plants, then regular seeds will be fine for most people. Regular seeds usually tend to produce more vigorous plants that tolerate stresses better than feminized seeds. For growers who like to do their own breeding, regular seeds are essential to creating new strains. Maybe you live in an area where it's hard to import cannabis seeds. If you have access to regular seeds, you can curate your own collection of P1's and use them to make your own seeds to share.

Some people even like to toss regular seeds into the wild with hopes of re-establishing a wild cannabis ecosystem. The male plants will pollinate the females, and those seeds will continue to grow there, repeating the cycle for future generations. If you wait long enough, this results in a landrace strain.

How to Grow Regular Seeds

Regular seeds should be started the same as any other cannabis seed. Check out our How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds article for step-by-step instructions. The only major difference in growing regular seeds is that when it comes time to induce flowering, you'll have to be vigilant in inspecting the plants for the first signs of the reproductive organs. If you want to grow only females, the males will have to be identified and removed from the garden. Maybe some males exhibit extraordinary traits such as resin production, vigorous uniform growth, or a delicious smell. These males can be separated and have their pollen collected for future breeding projects. If the males aren't removed they will likely pollinate the budding females resulting in seeded buds.

Buying Regular Seeds

While most modern growers are opting for feminized cannabis seeds, there are still many people who use regular seeds just as they have been for centuries. Our regular seeds are carefully bred using top-tier genetics. The seeds are tested to ensure high germination success rates and healthy plants that best represent the chosen cultivar.