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The cannabis plant has thousands of strains that produce an abundance of variations. A hybrid is the offspring of two different cultivar types or strains. In general, there are three kinds of cannabis used for producing hybrids. They are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. These come from particular landrace genetics, and each has its specific traits. A Landrace is a type of cannabis that was cultivated and adapted to its indigenous land. The individual differences of these strains are a result of their environment and isolation from other cannabis species.

While landrace strains still exist, the cannabis marketplace is overwhelmed by an ever-changing array of new hybrids created each day. These hybrids are some of the finest strains currently available thanks to the careful selection done by cannabis breeders


Cannabis hybrid seeds are the result of breeding between different cultivars, including other hybrids. Hybrids can be the union of a pure Indica, pure Sativa, Ruderalis, or any combination of the three. The main types of hybrid seeds are:

  • Pure Sativa Hybrids - Sativa strains crossed with other Sativa strains
  • Pure Indica Hybrids - Indica strains crossed with other Indica strains
  • Balanced Hybrid - Cannabis strains with equal sativa and indica properties
  • Sativa-dominant strains - Cannabis strains with more Sativa-like properties
  • Indica-dominant strains - Cannabis strains with more Indica-like properties

  • A balanced hybrid is a cultivar with an even 50/50 split of sativa/indica genetics. More recently, Autoflower and Fast Flowering hybrids have started gaining popularity in the market. Hybrid seeds come in regular and feminized depending on how the seeds were produced. Some of the most iconic strains are hybrids themselves. Hybrid strains like Kush, Skunk, Northern Lights, Haze, and Diesel are the foundation for many of the much-loved cannabis hybrids today.


    Many cannabis users prefer the effects of a hybrid strain over a full indica or Sativa. Hybrids are more versatile than traditional pure indica or sativa because the effects often reside somewhere in between the stoney and energetic but without going too far in either direction. Hybrids combine the best features from indica and sativas. With a hybrid, you can experience both the soothing and physically relaxing sides of cannabis while also enjoying a social and psychoactive high. Hybrids also make use of interesting genetic pairings to create delicious tasting and potent medicinal cannabis products.


    With every pack of seeds, there will be genetic variation. Even starting just ten seeds will give you an idea of the different types of genes that can be expressed from each parent. Every grower has a preference, and getting to choose your favorite phenotype from a batch of hybrids allows you to curate a cannabis genetic library containing the traits you desire.

    As far as growing, hybrids can be much more vigorous and responsive than the traditional pure indica or sativa cultivars. The mixing of different genetics often enhances the offspring's growth characteristics like plant size, growth rate, fertility, cannabinoid content, and yield.


    If you want to grow a hybrid strain, you should consider the genetics that went into producing it. With a sativa dominant hybrid like Haze, you can expect some serious plant stretching during growth. Make sure to provide enough vertical grow space and consider inducing flowering earlier to avoid overly lanky plants.

    Similarly, if growing an indica dominant hybrid, you will generally see more manageable-sized plants with denser buds and a thicker canopy. So be sure to monitor the humidity levels in the grow space to prevent bud rot or other serious plant health problems.

    As mentioned above, hybrids tend to grow with more vigor. The seeds can be started in the same manner as any other cannabis seed, which you can reference in the How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds article. After the seeds pop and start growing, you may find that they develop rather quickly and with more drive than a landrace or pure strain. Take note of the flowering time of the particular strain you are growing but keep an eye on the plants during budding because when growing from seed, not all plants will mature at the same time.


    The best hybrid seeds are easy to grow in a range of substrates and systems. If you want to purchase hybrid seeds, then get the best ones you can find in your price range. Premium seeds should be procured from experienced and reputable breeders. Seed Bank offers top-quality hybrid cannabis seeds from varying genetics. We produce our marijuana seeds from elite tested cultivars and, our cannabis seeds offer extremely high germination success rates.