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buy cannabis seeds in colorado

Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Colorado

As Colorado is home to Cannabis, Seed bank is its marketplace. Colorado is one of the most weed-friendly cities in the world, and our customers know and trust us to deliver viable seeds and top-shelf cannabis genetics consistently and punctually.

Seed Banks online has a catalog that offers auto-flowering seeds, Cannabis seeds, and potent cannabis strains for sales, with Express, Stealth shipping to any city in Colorado. Any Cannabis grower who wants the best quality marijuana genetics chooses Seed Bank for their cannabis growing needs.

And considering the weed-friendliness of Colorado, nothing is stopping you from buying cannabis seeds online and growing them in your garden or a flower pot.

Cannabis in ColoradoDenver cannabis seeds for sale

Colorado only took a short while to become one of the most famous places for national and international cannabis culture. It is not a surprise as Colorado has always been ahead regarding the legalization and use of cannabis.

In 2000, Colorado was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. And alongside Washington, Colorado was one of the first cities to legalize recreational weed use in 2012. This bold step led to the legalization of cannabis for personal use in other states. Colorado is home to some of the largest Cannabis companies in the United States and even the world. And many of the other thriving cannabis seed bank industries have a shop in Colorado.

However, this does not mean there are no laws and penalties concerning the use of cannabis in Colorado. But compared to other states, Colorado has relatively relaxed weed laws. So before you get your weed seeds, ensure you are familiar with the Colorado Marijuana seeds laws.

As a weed lover in Colorado, to be able to enjoy yourself while growing weed, you will need to cultivate marijuana, meaning you will need to buy marijuana seeds. This might not be easy if you are looking for premium-quality weed seeds genetics. Seedbank has made it easy for Colorado residents to get their hands on high-quality marijuana genetics.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Colorado

If you are looking for where you can get the best quality weed seeds in Colorado, you need not look far; you need a Marijuana seed bank like You can purchase our premium quality cannabis seeds via our online seed catalog. It is available in all cities, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Pueblo, and Greeley. All it takes is to order online through our website, Seedbank online.

Seed bank offers a wide variety of premium feminized, autoflower, hybrid, and high-THC marijuana seeds. Place an order now and start growing the cannabis seeds immediately.

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Colorado?

Considering that Colorado is one of the top cannabis advocacy states in the United States and the world, it is not likely that cannabis is illegal in the state. So, buying marijuana seeds to grow them is legal in Colorado.

You are permitted to possess, buy, and sell weed seeds in Colorado, provided you are over 21 years of age. And even though there are no limits to the number of seeds to buy or sell, dispensaries do not sell more than six seeds or clone packs to a customer per day.

Buying and selling weed is legal in Colorado, but you must be over 21 to purchase or sell the marijuana leaf. And these adults must not possess more than 2 oz of marijuana at a time. Also, if you will be cultivating marijuana seeds, you must not have more than six marijuana plants in your home. If you want to grow it for commercial purposes, you must fill out a Marijuana license application form, complete it, and pay a fee of $2500.

A person cultivating marijuana seeds must only do so on their property and keep it hidden in an enclosed space that outsiders can not easily access. Also, they must keep the weed from the public when they want to use it. As the outdoor growing of marijuana seeds is not allowed by state law, growing the seeds in unsecured areas is prohibited. Also, where you are growing, it should be away from windows.

If you live in a rented property, you must check your owner’s lease agreement and only grow weeds if the property owner allows it because they have the right to ban the growing and use of weeds. And for non-residents, growing weed seeds is not permitted.

Some areas have more strict laws on weed cultivation, so you must consider your region’s jurisdiction for any adjustments or updates before cultivating weed seeds.

Growing Marijuana Seeds in Colorado

Growing Marijuana in Colorado can be easy depending on what side of the state you live in. Cities like Yumma, Phillips, Morgan, Franktown, Elbert, etc., are humid, while cities like Yuma, Phillips, and Morgan, are more desert-like, and the rest, like Denver, are in between.

In essence, this makes it quite complicated to explain what will grow outdoors in Colorado because we have to consider the number of daylight hours and climate. But one of the city’s features that favors all types of weed seeds is the high altitude.

Buying cannabis seeds from Seed Bank in Aspen, Dever, or anywhere in Colorado will mirror what you can easily grow in the state. So, if you are looking for seeds suitable for other states’ conditions, you might have to contact their shops in other states. And before buying in Colorado, you should still do your research so that you will buy the best thriving marijuana seeds for your region.

Factors to Consider When Buying Marijuana Seeds in Colorado

No matter what area you are growing cannabis seeds, you should ensure you are getting premium quality because the quality of the weed seeds is the primary determinant of how well the plant will grow. Low-quality seeds might cause lower yields, stunted growth, or cause the seeds not to sprout. You should buy from Seed Bank because you will be sure you are getting high-quality weed seeds genetics.

So, after you have settled on buying from the best Colorado Marijuana Seeds bank, here are other factors to consider.

  • Climate: Colorado is 6800 feet above sea level, with its lowest point at 2000 feet above sea level, which is favorable to cannabis seeds. The altitude favors the marijuana seed growth because there will be a higher light and UV strength impact at these altitudes. But you still have to consider its climate all the same, which will depend on the side of the city you are in. So, find out your zone and familiarize yourself with the conditions to incorporate in that zone. Cannabis seeds need average water, so considering that Colorado is quite dry, the seeds will need lots of watering. Weed seeds you are buying from Fort Collins seed bank should differ from the seed you buy from Aurora.
  • Experience: If you are buying your first marijuana seed to plant, then obviously, you need to go for seeds that are easy to deal with. There are beginner seeds you can choose if you are a beginner groomer. And while buying the plant, you can look for books that teach you the basics of growing marijuana without experience.
  • Preference: Although many weed lovers will love the weed regardless of its breed, some still have preferences. Each plant has its features, so if you love the taste of berry in your weed, you should go for Blue dream, and if you can not withstand thick and intense smoke, you should go for plants that produce velvety smoke.
  • Seed bank: This should come first because if you do not get seeds from the right seed bank, you will not need these factors as the seed might not sprout. So, reach out to a reliable seed bank online. One of the ways to know the reputation of an online seed bank is through its websites. Reputable online seed banks make it easy to get the information you need from their website. So, you can check the different weed seeds available and see what people have to say about the seeds. Also, do not forget the ease of delivery; they should have a covert shipping process to prevent theft. And they should have a guarantee in case of issues with your orders.

Colorado Weed Laws

The fundamental law about possession is that no one should have more than 2 oz of cannabis, and more than 1 oz of marijuana lea should be sold to a person per visit.

About Non-residents

If a non-resident wants to get weed leaves, the store should carefully check the person’s ID to ensure they are easily recognizable with the ID. Some stores have policies on the type of ID they consider acceptable. And they sell if only you are staying in Colorado.

And though there are no laws in Colorado stating you can not take cannabis out of the state, you can be busted in other states that do not allow cannabis which can result in heavy penalties.

Cannabis Store Hours in Colorado

The general Colorado state law allows a store to open at 8 am and close at midnight. But there are stricter laws in other states. For example, Denver seed bank can not close later than 12pm, while seed banks in Boulder are meant to close by 6 pm. Check the stores online before going to buy.

Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis in Colorado

Recently, a new DUI law was put into effect in Colorado, stating that the maximum blood THC for a driver should not exceed five nanograms per millimeter of blood. The hitch with this law is that this THC level is not attainable even days after taking cannabis. Fortunately, no one will subject you to such a test if you do not look like you are intoxicated.

And the passengers in the vehicle are also not allowed to consume cannabis whether or not the car is in motion.

Transporting Cannabis Within Colorado

If you are transporting cannabis in a car, you should ensure it is in a sealed and unbroken container. If, by chance, a part of the bag or container has been opened beforehand, you have to reseal it to ensure you are not breaking the state’s laws.

Best Strains to grow in Colorado

OG Kush Seeds

Some of Colorado’s most popular and sought-after cannabis strains in Colorado include Indica strains, Sativa Strains, Feminized Mimosa Seeds, Super Silver Haze seeds, OG Kush seeds, Purple Punch seeds, and Girls scout cookies.

Outdoor growers can choose from many exceptional outdoor strains that thrive in Colorado’s climate. The dominant varieties that grow well in Colorado outdoor environment are Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower – Blimburn seeds, Steve’s Drea Queen Feminized seeds, and Purple Lemonade Auto (fast buds). Epic relaxation is also a perfect option for Colorado’s weather as it thrives in the hot climate.

Indoor gardeners can choose the long list of indoor seeds; below, you will find the list of great feminized seeds for growing indoors.

Top Colorado Weed Strains

Another favorite cannabis strain for Colorado residents is Blue dream, also known as the Blue Dream strain. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid caused by crossing the Blueberry F5 strain with Cruz Haze. It has a low CBD percentage, and it is 18% THC. The flavor is Blueberry and earthy due to its blueberry crossing. Blue Dream is known for having thick and potent smoke that could bring tears to the eyes.

When grown in optimal conditions, Blue Dreams will deliver impressive yields. Blue Dreams Yields whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. The flowering time for this plant in a Colorado State climate is approximately ten weeks. Yields can exceed 500g/plant.

Colorado Weed Seeds


Feminized Seeds

White Widow Seeds


Feminized Seeds

Runtz Seeds


Fast Flowering Seeds

Bruce Banner Fast Seeds


Feminized Seeds

Purple Thai Seeds


Colorado Seed Bank

Seed bank offers exceptional quality cannabis seeds, Breeders direct seeds with expedited shipping to every corner of Colorado. All seeds are of premium quality and undergo rigorous testing to ensure high germination rates. And though we are an online seed bank, we ensure every customer gets viable seeds with authentic genetics. Humboldt Seed Company and Growers Choice Seeds.

What are Seed Banks?

Seed Banks provides a catalog of plant genetics available for purchase online. provides New Yorkers with premium cannabis genetics and marijuana seeds delivered statewide via secure, express shipping. We strive to be the number one Seed Bank in Colorado State, providing the best cannabis strains and breeder direct seed genetics.